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Editing and revision

We manage all the necessary revisions to your documents throughout the translation project.

When the team has completed translation of the report, the next step is editing and revision before layout, undertaken by a team editor who has not been involved in the translation process.

Once a document has either been laid-out in design form or is in its final style, we proofread in three phrases:

1. Our team review documents in PDF format to identify issues common to this type of high-quality project, such as missing text and incorrect line-breaks.


2. Any texts that are added at this stage, such as graph headers or caption texts, are translated and edited here.


3. A final, very thorough proofread alongside the to the original document, making sure it works well in its new language and reflects the original sentiment.


For more information about our editing and revision processes and services, please contact Larissa.

The company

Founded in 2005 by Larissa Ekonoja, Fluid Translation assists international companies and organisations increase their market share through effective international communication.

Our services

Fluid Translation and its teams translate, edit, write and manage communication to and from Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish and English. We also coordinate translation and copywriting for European languages including Russian, French, Polish, German and Spanish, as well as Chinese.

We specialize in Swedish-English services in finance, IT, technology, pharmaceuticals and sciences.