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Financial translations

Fluid Translation has a dedicated financial translation team with vast experience of translating highly demanding financial reports.

We have developed a unique methodology to ensure paramount quality of financial projects with tight time and quality constraints. We work in teams of financial gurus, copy writers and industry experts to produce sharp communication that grabs the attention of shareholders.

Since 2007 we have produced:

  • more than 40 full annual reports for listed Swedish companies
  • around 60 quarterly reports
  • 4 published prospectuses

Stockholm University annual report 2011 front pageProffice annual review 2011 front pageCDON 2011 directors reportIBS annual report 2011 ENG front page







For details of a recent financial translation client, Meda, please see our news here. For more information about our financial translation expertise, please contact Larissa.

The company

Founded in 2005 by Larissa Ekonoja, Fluid Translation assists international companies and organisations increase their market share through effective international communication.

Our services

Fluid Translation and its teams translate, edit, write and manage communication to and from Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish and English. We also coordinate translation and copywriting for European languages including Russian, French, Polish, German and Spanish, as well as Chinese.

We specialize in Swedish-English services in finance, IT, technology, pharmaceuticals and sciences.