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Dina kommunikationsbehov under sommaren

Jul 11, 2013

Sommaren är här och i Sverige har vi väntat hela året på att plocka fram jordgubbarna och baddräkten.

För oss på Fluid Translation erbjuder sommaren också möjligheten att skärpa kunskaperna, jobba kreativt och att arbeta på distans…

Under tidigare år har jag bland annat jobbat från Kanada (2011) och Tyskland (2012). För språkets skull ger det mig viktiga tillfällen att se hur språk utvecklas för att kunna hålla språkkunnandet i framkant.

I år har vi valt Portland i USA som “vår” ort. Vi jobbar och bor på landet i delstaten Washington, direkt norr om Portland. Området påminner oss mycket om Sverige, komplett med brännässlor och sniglar i trädgården.

För Fluid Translation betyder detta utökade arbetstimmar, då vi har full täckning både på hemmaplan i Sverige samt här i USA. Våra öppettider under sommaren är från 09:00-05:00. Med andra ord har vi öppet nästan dygnet runt fram till mitten av augusti.

Så gör sommaren lätt för dig – plocka fram jordgubbarna och baddräkten, och låt oss hantera dina kommunikationsbehov under sommaren.

Eliminating layout costs for translation

May 7, 2013

We can now translate directly from and to Adobe® InDesign™ files!  Our new solution:

·         Saves up to 100% of employee time and energy

·         Preserves the original layout

·         Safeguards the integrity of financial figures

·         Keeps confidential documents secure

We spend much of the spring and early summer each year translating company annual reports for clients such as Meda, IBS, CDON, Crown Energy and Proffice.  The official language versions are usually designed using InDesign and the new development will make this jam-packed time of year (known as ‘silly season’ amongst translators) easier for translators and clients alike.

Translation of complex documents, such as financial reports or engineering proposals, takes a lot of time to ensure the highest quality and accuracy in the new language.  We are very pleased that this solution significantly reduces our client’s layout costs for translated materials.

Translating reports for Crown Energy

May 1, 2013

Crown Energy has signed a contract with Fluid Translation for the translation of its 2012 annual report, which will take place in April. Crown Energy acquires and develops oil and gas opportunities in under-developed areas, predominantly focusing on Africa. The group has operations in Equatorial Guinea, South Africa and Madagascar.

Crown Energy logo

Crown Energy ended 2011 by listing itself on the Nordic Growth Market, Nordic MTF. Its early stages of corporate growth require the company to attract investment and this may come from parts of the world that need financial information in English rather than Swedish. Major shareholders at the end of 2011 were based in Cyprus, the UK and Switzerland amongst other countries. Several board members are English-speaking and based in the UK.

Larissa has worked with Crown Energy in the past and Fluid Translation also manages the translation of Crown’s interim reports. For more information about our financial translation expertise, please contact Larissa.

Translating financial reports for Meda

Apr 25, 2013

Meda, the international speciality pharmaceuticals company, has renewed its contract with Fluid Translation for translation of its 2012 annual financial reports into English. Larissa has worked with Meda on prospectuses, reports and news releases over the past few years.

Meda is a Swedish specialty pharmaceuticals company that researches and develops drugs focusing on respiratory, cardiology, pain and inflammation, dermatology and the central nervous system. The company has been quoted on the Stockholm Stock Exchange since 1995 and on the NASDAQ OMX Nordic Exchange in Stockholm (Large Cap segment) since 2006. At the end of 2011, the company was owned by shareholders in the following countries:

Meda’s products are sold in 120 countries globally, either via 1,500 employees across 50+ countries or through other pharmaceuticals companies. Its expansion in growth markets intensified during 2011; at the end of the year these markets accounted for 13% of its SEK 12,856 million in total company sales.

Fluid Translation assists Meda with specialty translation expertise in group financials tailored for their multinational structure and compliance with international standards. For more information about our financial translation expertise, please contact Larissa.

Deep underground

Mar 26, 2013

What happens exactly when you spend 6 weeks buried deep in procurement documents?  I reared my head in late February and realized that my one 50,000 word translation project just helped my client, a world-leading multinational construction company, submit a multi-million euro tender for sub-sea tunnel construction operations in Norway. Translation of the procurement documentation revealed for them exactly what was included in the job and how to price the tender in the Scandinavian nation. We are hoping to release more nitty gritty details on our involvement once the project is made public, and we wish our client the very best in winning the tender.

For more information about our expertise in translating construction documentation and in particular tunnel excavation, please contact Larissa.

Found in Translation = a great read

Mar 1, 2013

The team at Fluid Translation have been reading and chatting about a recently-published book, Found in Translation, by fellow translators Nataly Kelly @natalykelly and Jost Zetzsche @Jeromobot It is full of interesting insights and mostly comical examples of translation-gone-wrong.

One particular favourite enlightened us on the nuances of translating wine labels. The task requires specialist translators who can themselves taste the subtle flavours of each wine in order to fully understand the text needing translation.  We suspect those translators must have to be very strict in not actually swallowing the wine to avoid slurring the translation…

On a more serious note, when translation goes wrong, it can really go wrong. The book is peppered with reminders of translation mistakes that have far outlived their circumstances in people’s memories.  HSBC had to spend $10m on a rebrand after its ‘Assume Nothing’ campaign was mistranslated to ‘Do Nothing’.  A car launched in Europe by Ford was called ‘Kuga’, meaning ‘plague’ in Croatian and Serbian.

The book reminds us that, in many cases, people won’t buy what they can’t understand.

We heartily recommend this well-written and enjoyable book to anyone interested in how translated language impacts everyday life, from driving a bus to the medicine we take.


Want to hear more from us?

Nov 22, 2012

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You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the link at the bottom of any newsletter or letting us know directly.


Lessons from Warsaw: Success = communication + expertise

Nov 8, 2012

Larissa recently met with translation industry leaders at TM-Europe, an international translation management conference in Warsaw, Poland. The conference focused on future needs in translation, with keynote speaker topics ranging from localization to ensuring the future supply of highly skilled translators.

The event reminded us of two main lessons:
–  Good client communication is a key ingredient in successful time-constrained projects
–  Translators with subject expertise are in short supply and are therefore always in demand


Successful project management rises and falls on communication: defining clear customer expectations, managing the right experts for the job, planning and running the project, and following up. Fluid Translation applies software development methods to ensure high-quality results that directly inject business value to its customers.


Conference speakers also raised the ongoing need to invest in people and their translation skills, citing an ‘aging’ expert translator pool (many are now retiring with not enough new skilled translators to take their places).

Fluid Translation has actively invested in building specialist expertise in our translators for years and could contribute our own team-building and quality-assurance lessons.

–  We hand-select our translators for their experience, language and writing skills, and subject expertise
–  We host annual translator workshops with specific themes in finance or technology such as changes to IFRS terminology or specific terms in mining engineering.

The conference also discussed the benefits of providing competence in närliggande (closely related) areas. This spring, we will launch a service that provides simultaneous bilingual layout for sensitive documents, such as annual reports. Contact Larissa for more information.

In short, we returned home purposeful and with a passion for quality.

Get more business value from your annual report (book now!)

Oct 31, 2012

A clear, selling financial report will influence how your investors view your business. Communication advisors from Fluid Translation will help you leverage the most from your report.

Book by November 15 for spring 2013 – the best translators are being booked now.

Staying open much later over the next three weeks

Oct 26, 2012

We have extended our office hours during the next three weeks, until Larissa returns to Sweden from the US on 12 November.

For this period, we’ll be open from 9am Swedish time and close the office at 11 pm Swedish time, meaning you can get in touch with any translation needs and expect a reply right up until 11pm Swedish time.

As always, we provide premium express texts as and when needed.


The company

Founded in 2005 by Larissa Ekonoja, Fluid Translation assists international companies and organisations increase their market share through effective international communication.

Our services

Fluid Translation and its teams translate, edit, write and manage communication to and from Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish and English. We also coordinate translation and copywriting for European languages including Russian, French, Polish, German and Spanish, as well as Chinese.

We specialize in Swedish-English services in finance, IT, technology, pharmaceuticals and sciences.